Avoiding the high pressure tactics in choosing a mover

If you have ever opened the door, even just a little bit, to a high pressure salesman, you have probably regretted it. The new or used car salesman that traps you in the showroom by giving your car to the ‘appraiser’ is an example. It is hard to escape having at least one experience in life with these excellent closers. But the fact is, these experts take away our opportunity to look at specific cars and compare what best suits our needs. In the moving industry, there is another type of tactic to watch for, and that is the boiler room operation. Just like the wall street firms that employ large phone staffs to engage as many investors as possible for the primary purpose of generating commissions on trades, in the moving industry the game is buying and selling consumer information called leads and prospects. Sharp marketing companies create exhaustive information gathering agencies, using website forms, promises of huge savings, and 800 numbers to get your name, email and phone number, only to sell your information for 3-7 dollars to up to seven different moving companies, usually companies that lack the positive reputation to attract the business without buying leads. This from the hubpages, Atlanta Movers When using a search engine to find Atlanta Movers or movers anywhere, you will find that a number of websites encourage you to enter your personal information including your address and the size of your home to “receive up to five competitive quotes” and the promise here is that you will get a good deal. One really attractive website with a lot of fancy animation (that rhymes with silly.com) acts like they are doing a priceline style search, and it always says “savings up to 42 percent” which is kind of silly. The thing about it is, that choosing a moving company this way prevents you from choosing reputable companies. These are actually boiler room operations that are selling your email account and information to every desperate moving company they can sign up. The key to their operation is finding companies that will buy your information from them, or charging a hefty commission on the sales price, all practices that increase the cost and decrease the value of your relocation effort. The fact is, that the smart consumer is willing to do a little more work before choosing a moving company. They look for movers with positive reviews, with trucks they have seen around town. Some will look for local companies, so they don’t have to deal with corporate offices in some unseen state or country. And for many people with a lifetime of investment in their households, choosing a company means putting trust in the movers and packers that that mover sends to their home. It sounds to good to be true, and it is. Fill out this web form and save at least 42 percent on your move! yeah right. Those that fall for this become the quarry of the closers, the high pressure professional who will get you to sign with an endless stream of promises and assurances. But the company can’t really afford to undercut their competitors by 42 percent, so there is a surprise coming, let us know how that worked out for you!

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Windows 7, Vista and XP computers connected to the internet or used for email are sometimes bit by a computer virus, mal-ware or scare-ware that comes from a web-site we should not have visited or an email from an associates computer that was used by a virus on their end. Conyers virus removal is available from proven IT professionals that are better than the in-experienced high-school graduates sent out by the national brand names. Also watch out for a low monthly price when by the end of the contract you will pay three times the cost of fixing your PC.

We also handle PC upgrades for Conyers and especially cover areas within ten miles of the Conyers city limits. We also handle remote access technical support which allows us to offer our services without charging you for the trip cost and time. We are especially appreciated by our repeat customers that use us to remotely install printer software, assist with proposal and estimate templates and PC tune-ups. We also perform memory upgrades and things like that cannot be handled remotely.

But the service our clients like the most is our regular reviews and updates of anti-virus and anti-spyware solutions. We offer remote assistance cleanout of your expensive and cumbersome solutions with the Avira virus solution that costs less than $ 30 per year plus our virus update charge of $ 60. We additionally recommend the use of Malware bytes for scans when problems occur, and can teach you how to boot into safe mode for scanning before a virus can do more serious damage.

Moving Companies

For three decades Mark the Mover has been serving Atlanta relocation customers. Household moving is not something most people do a lot, the average per household is once every seven years. With our years of moving experience, despite this fact, we get a lot of repeat business. We think it is because we try to be fair to our customers.

Some moving companies seem to be really desperate for business. They offer lower rates and make a lot of promises, and once in a while a consumer gets a really good deal. But our customers seem to value a fair and consistent moving product. We equip our modern fleet of moving trucks with plenty of furniture blankets and we pad all the valuable furniture as a part of our services.

We think the amount of repeat moving customers that we get at Mark the Mover is a sign of the no-surprizes product that we try to give our moving customers. Atlanta Moving Company should check with family and friends and we think you will find that Mark the Mover is a reliable name in the moving and storage business.

moving companies, Decatur, Druid Hills, Morningside GA

Morningside is the community in Atlanta Georgia north of Virginia Highland and east of midtown. Morningside is also adjacent to communities like Druid Hills, Lennox Park and Ansley Park. Morningside is quieter than Virginia Highland or Little Five Points, it is almost entirely residential and off the main arteries that lead to the larger traffic flows of Freedom Parkway or Monroe Drive and the I-85 north south conduit. Morningside is nearby to Emory University and hospital, Buckhead, Ansley Park golf course and Piedmont Park with the Atlanta botanical gardens.

Household relocation in the Morningside community has been a staple of business at Mark the Mover Atlanta movers where we have build a solid three decade reputation for doing a good job. Mark the Mover has gotten a sort of folliwing because we refuse to engage in the quality cutting that some competitors follow to offer prices in line with illegal and under-insured moving companies. We are a full service moving and storage company dedicated to providing the best quality moving at a middle of the pack price.

Our loyal customer base appreciates getting a consistant product year after year. Our customers wouldn’t want it any other way. We have seen our Morningside moving customers change their moving schedule to relocate on the day our moving crew is available. That might sound crazy, but it is true.

That is not to say that there are not other moving companies that do a good job for Morningside movers, there are. If we cannot move you on the day you need to relocate, we kind of know what some other movers are doing, and we can try to recommend a couple of alternatives. But if you call early you can make sure to have Mark the Mover. If you can’t finalize your schedule early enough, we understand and will try to help.

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