Alpharetta Moving Companies

Located in Atlanta on the Chattahoochie Industrial area a moving company with three decades of Atlanta moving company experience has been quietly taking over the moving needs of household movers in Alpharetta and Roswell Georgia. Our moving trucks are dispatched and head on to 75 at Howell Mill and up GA-400 to serve customers in Sandy Springs too.

As Alpharetta and Roswell grow with transplants from Atlanta, so does the word of mouth spread by Atlanta movers about the great service they received from Mark the Mover. While consumers with limited budgets just shop for the lowest price quoted over the phone, Mark the Mover is having a record year with a large segment of our business coming from movers that have relocated with Mark the Mover before.

The first few times we move, we discover in life that the price we get over the phone does not always reflect a good choice in moving companies. We take a day off work only to discover that the moving company is late, the truck is too small or some other extenuating circumstance. Mark the Mover uses big trucks and we always recommend plenty of man power to get the job done efficiently.

Some people have nothing better to do than wait at the mercy of the lowest rate they could find calling around. They use coupons that leave moving companies to push your move back and end up paying the price by needing to waste more of their time when they thought they were getting a better deal.

If you are ready to make your moving day less stressful, call the moving company that does not offer any coupons. Call Mark the Mover, where you know that your move is of the same importance as the next, and where we give all our customers that best service we can. We tell you up front what we charge and don’t hit you later with truth. If you are on the fence, here are some things to consider.

That really low rate is just for the first hour
The truck will be too small
The mover is not licensed
The moving company may use inexperience labor

Don’t mess around, if your household has grown and you want a straight answer, call Mark the Mover.

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