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  1. This roadside stop on the way to the beach is open only seasonally, but when its door swings open each spring people flock there for fresh-cut fries and hot dogs aplenty. The Flame Dog combines a few favorite late-night indulgences; it s a hot dog topped with creamy cheese sauce, crunchy Flamin Hot Cheetos, jalapenos and a drizzle of ranch dressing to cool it all down. Korean and American food favorites unite at this Las Vegas hot dog joint that takes its name from two popular foods “Buldogis” is a mash-up of “bulgogi” and “hot dog.” The menu follows suit, topping the all-American hot dog with Korean ingredients, as with the Gang Nam Dog (with optional fried egg), a quarter-pound beef dog with roast pork belly, cucumber, nori flakes, sesame seeds and Korean chile sauce.
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